Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm gonna be a compulsive blogger!!!!!1
But it'll be annoying continually talking to my self.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Two days in a row and yet, no one is going to read it anyways so good on you if you do.
Today was lame, I wandered around for a while and then cleaned the house, thats always a fun undertaking.
I just re set up my email and was so tired of having so few messages that I sent my self one.
I spent some time contemplating my existance, that is also fun.
Drivers ed starts tomorrow.
My schedule is so screwed up this summer.
I'm thinking about having to read "Gone with the Wind" and "Fahrenheit 451"(the latter for the second time) as well as those APUSH assignments. I don't know whether to do them now or wait until nearer the end of summer.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

3 months since my last post
Things have changed a lot since then
For one, its summer and I've started what will hopefully be a great one
The bonfire rocked hardcore and even though my body ached all over, I love playing football. I don't care if we lost.
I've been playing guitar for 2 or more hours a day and its really fun to just sit around and jam and such.
Jeff Foxworthy is funny.
I lost in a chugging contest :(.
I knocked the quote machine down 5 times.
My cats are crazy.
My dog bit a hole through our door.
Other stuff is cool. :) :) :) :)
I'm off to a great start for what looks like a great summer. Drivers ed starts on Monday so watch out lol.
Smack The Fragrant Umbrella
Don't you love subliminal messages, right now this post is going to give you an insaitable urge to go buy turtlewax and pasta roni. Give me feedback as to how it works.
Peace out!!!!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

ZOMG I couldn't access the server to post something, but now I can.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I don't have anything to post.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Run For The Hills!!!

Yes I'm actually posting
I know its incredible
no I will not give you an autograph
sure you can tatoo my name on your... well, no one is gonna be able to see it there
No really I don't want to be president

You know what, I can't stand this school we are at, I go in happy and leave depressed and tired.
And some of the people, I got probably 10 wierd looks and I know at least one person looked over by me and laughed.
I'm working on my mile times, lets just say I'll have a lot of improvement
I've been listening to a band named Cynic, they made 1 album but its been remastered and you should listen to a little of it.

I can't stand the routine I'm going into
Its insane and its a wonder i'm not
I'm sitting next to one of my best friends from 2nd grade, interesting to talk to him
He keeps asking if I'm depressed, wonder why

I've realized how few people outside of my main group actually want to talk to me
If you want to see something scary go to Landover Baptist, I heard it was a fake website and I hope so, its 18 plus but I went there from a link and didn't know that, they have people killing 1000s of people who don't convert with gas, and hooking up electrodes, and whipping people with bibles. Its like a fetish site for christian fundamentalists only with some funny things like the "Your Child Might be a goth" where one of the telltale signs is eating Count Chocula, interest in sex, hanging out with friends without adults, expressing interest in "Cult religions" like Buddhism... need I say more?
First Three apply to me, I won't deny it and you probably don't care, guess I'm a Goth along with the entire teenage population who aren't christian fundamentialists or Jihad members or something like and even then I'm not sure

I can't believe how much i've actually changed
I've never looked at anything like that
I've never been so wierd
I've never wished so much I could know what to do and say,
Everytime I do something, I worry about repercussions
I'm too worryed about what people think of me and not worried of what I think of myself
And I'm still feeling very depressed and need to work on my self esteem
but whatever

Friday, January 13, 2006

This is not a post about my life or anything, this is dedicated to an awesome movie I just had the pleasure of viewing. I'm talking about The Wall. It has everything a movie needs: sex, drugs, rock and roll, more drugs, violence, blood, and trippy cartoon interludes. And the best part is it taught me a lot when watching it. It showed the evils of war, of violence, of drugs. There is relatively no plot whatsoever but it doesn't matter, the message stands out. Throughout you can see riots, people dying, people being brainwashed and it has the perfect soundtrack as well. So in conclusion if you like any of the stuff I have listed above or are extremely anti-war or just want to see a great movie, rent it and watch it.